Best Vue.js Free Templates You Must Try Out for Web Development in 2021

When it comes to creating a single-page application or a user interface, Vue.js is the framework that comes into every developers’ head. Vue.js is one of the best open-source JavaScript frameworks that are available in the market. It ranks seven in the list of most used web app development frameworks by 17.3%. Vue.js offers many free templates that the developers can use to write JSX render functions. In this blog, we will go through some of these templates that a Vue.js developer can try in 2021.

Top 12 Free Vue.js Templates for Web Development in 2021

1. Star Admin Vue

Star Admin Vue is a free template of Vue.js. This template is rich in components and features. Stat Admin Vue has a massive collection of icons, elements, and buttons. It is a template that guarantees that the Vue.js development companies can provide the best user experience for both desktop and mobile devices.

Besides, if there is a need to customize the web app development project, this template is a perfect choice. It makes everything much easier and simpler.

2. Coreui

Coreui is a Vue.js admin template that enables creating, customizing, and simplifies the web app development process. It also makes it easy to learn Vue.js admin templates and Vue.js UI components. It is an open-source bootstrap and Vue admin template. This template is entirely based on bootstrap version 4. Coreui is known as one of the best templates from the free Vue.js admin template. This template enables the Vue.js development services providers to reduce the time to market the product.

3. Vue-Element-Admin

Vue-element-admin is one of the most used front-end management background integration templates. It has around 63.8k GitHub stars. This template uses UI toolkit elements and is based on Vue. It comes under the Vue.js admin template and is based on a built-in i18n solution, the newest and best development stack of Vue. With Vue-element-admin, Vue.js developers can create amazing features for enterprise applications. Besides, it also enables the creation of large and complex single-page apps.

4. Arbano

Arbano is not an entirely free template but is a highly-qualitative one. It is built with the use of Vue.js and Bootstrap 4. Arbano enables the developers to provide a great design and clean code for any type of business solution. Creating a project with this template is an easy and quick task. It has a fully responsive layout that supports the display of any size.

Besides, it has more than 30 custom elements like charts, progress bar, forms, and maps. Arbano makes it easy for the Vue.js developers to customize the applications in a way that the clients want them.

5. Vuexy

Vuexy is an advanced Vue.js admin template that is highly responsive, well-structured, and clean. It is a template that is laced with HTML, React, PHP, and Vue.js. Vuexy is a highly recommended template by the top Vue.js development companies as it is a user-friendly template and creates applications at a faster pace. Besides, Vuexy is well-known because of its UI/UX tools which provide an amazing experience. It is also an RTL ready template.

In addition to this, Vuexy offers tools like floating nav bar, bookmarks, dark & semi-dark layout options, charts, and labels.

6. Sing App

Sing App is nothing but a Vue.js dashboard which is totally free and is built using Bootstrap 4 and Vue.js 2.5.2. As this dashboard is created using the newest development tech stack in the market, the Vue.js developers will have to learn everything about it by exploring it.

When the developer wants to create a CRM platform, CMS, eCommerce platform, or a SASS-based platform for the clients, he can use the Sing App template. It comes with ready to use components which makes it one of the easiest templates to work with.

7. VueJs Laravel Admin Template

As the name suggests, It is a Laravel admin template that comes with the Vue.js admin template. It has various color schemes. VueJs Laravel Admin Template is developed using powerful components like Vue-router, Vuex, and Axios. The developers can use Axios when they want to have a weather widget in an app or they want different charts.

With this template, the Vue.js development company can create unique single-page applications.

8. Clear Admin Template

Clear is an admin template that is free to use. It offers unique and highly-efficient app development features. The app development team can provide great UI designs using the Clear template. Besides, it comes with excellent components, layout-across dashboard, and widgets. The Clear admin template makes the applications look simple as well as stylish with the different color schemes.

9. Pragmatic

Pragmatic is again a free Vue.js admin template that is used by Vue.js developers to create distinct applications. It gives a boost to the app development process and enables the developers to learn some of the major aspects of Vue.js technology.

To work with this template, the developers will have to install Node.js and @vue/cli in their systems. These are required for the app development process.

10. Basix Admin

Basix Admin is a creation of Vue.js, Bootstrap, and JavaScript technology. The developers can find all the necessary Vue.js components in this template. These components can create any type of Admin Panel. Besides this, Basix Admin is a template that extends the components of Bootstrap 4 and also enables the development of custom projects and CRM solutions.

11. CoPilot

CoPilot is a Vue.js template that is built on Bootstrap 3. It is an easy to use and highly customizable template. CoPilot offers all the responsive elements that a developer would need. Besides, it offers different charts, stats widgets, and graphics for displaying your projects demand. One can also create a task list using this template.

12. Adminify

Adminify is a Vue.js admin template that is fully responsive in nature and offers pre-integrated features for the admin panel. It is created using Bootstrap 4. It aims at providing a hassle-free app development experience to the developers. Besides, it offers features that make it easy to create the backend panel.


Here we went through the top 12 Vue.js free templates that one can try in the year 2021 for web app development. If you are a Vue.js developer, you can opt for any of these templates for your next project. And if you’re a business owner who wants an excellent web app for your organization, hire a Vue.js developer who can use any of these templates for your project.

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