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The Client

Metway Electrical Industries was established in 1937 and is still a privately owned family business. Metway has been providing high quality electrical connector solutions and terminals for over seventy years, supplying the lighting and electronic sector, now with a range in excess of 20,000 products from simple terminal blocks to surface mount PCB connectors and high IP rated connectors.

Our Role

Metways Website Development:

Enhance Metways' online presence through a modern, user-friendly website. Highlight Metways' services, expertise, and unique value propositions. Optimise the website for seamless navigation and user engagement.

Customer Marketing Software:

Develop customised marketing software tailored to Metways' specific needs. Enable Metways to efficiently manage customer data, analyze insights, and execute targeted marketing campaigns. Enhance customer engagement and retention through personalised marketing initiatives.

Digital Marketing Strategies:

Implement comprehensive digital marketing strategies to increase brand visibility and drive traffic to the Metways website. Utilise various digital channels such as social media, email marketing, and search engine optimisation (SEO) to reach target audiences effectively. Monitor campaign performance and optimise strategies for maximum ROI.


The results have been nothing short of exceptional.

Metways Website:

Responsive, visually appealing website design. Clear and concise content highlighting Metways' services and value proposition. Seamless navigation and user experience across all devices.

Customer Marketing Software:

Customised software solution meeting Metways' marketing requirements. Intuitive interface for easy data management and campaign execution. Robust analytics and reporting capabilities for tracking campaign performance.

Digital Marketing Campaigns:

Tailored digital marketing campaigns targeting Metways' key demographics. Engaging content creation for social media, email, and other digital platforms. Ongoing monitoring and optimisation of campaigns for optimal results.

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